Rabbi Mendel Baitelman

Rabbi Mendel was born and raised right next door in Studio City, he then expanded his passion for Judaism all over the world. Mendel furthered his Jewish studies in Venezuela and Israel, worked as a Rabbi in Vietnam, and then as an educator in Brooklyn. Mendel has always felt passionate about making a difference, and always knew that he would find a place to make that happen. In January of 2020, he and his wife Leah got married. One year later they visited Universal City and eventually made it their home. Mendel looks forward to bringing the love and life of Judaism to the Universal City neighborhood.


Leah Baitelman

Leah originally hails from Rancho Cucamonga, CA where she grew up in a family dedicated to community her parents run their own Chabad center for San Bernardino County! Even as a little girl, there was no question in her mind that she would do the same. She furthered her studies in Israel, and did Jewish outreach in Hong kong, Milwaukee and England. Leah worked at the Manhattan Hebrew School and Chabad HQ. Leah loves baking Challah, meeting new people and being a mom to her two little kiddos!.


Mushka Baitelman
Everyone’s Favorite Executive Assistant

Our tiniest team member so far, Mushka never shies away from a chance to party. Mushka loves to wiggle, enjoys a good meal, and can blow bubbles better than any 12 month old. With a perpetual smile on her face, Mushka's joy is infectious.